LAA Responds to 538’s Lying Reporter Kaleigh Rogers

Today, Look Ahead America’s Research Director Ian Camacho released the following letter in response to the many fabrications in liar Kaleigh Roger’s hit piece on LAA’s Voter Integrity Project’s reports.

January 17, 2022


I am extremely disheartened, but not surprised at yet another journalistic lack of integrity. Upon completion of our discussion, it would appear that you have chosen to selectively edit our conversation to push forth a narrative not based in truth.

In your smear piece, you wrote “I have not personally reviewed every instance,” of our examples. We offered to provide you all our unredacted work. Your refusal to review it is evidenced by your repeating state senator Bee Nguyen’s outdated “debunk” claim. Had you accepted our unredacted work you would see that the false positives she referenced do not appear in our final product.

You also wrote “He also could not definitely prove that the business address was not also residential.” The property record provided to you shows that it is a commercial address; the voter was not homeless or living at the restaurant as their mailing address is a residential home.

I showed a double voter in Yuma County, Arizona and Outagamie County, Wisconsin – two contested states. When Look Ahead Arizona contacted the Yuma County Recorder, they confirmed flagging her using ERIC, which supports our NCOA methodology. Unsurprisingly you excluded this mention.

Over the call and six emails I provided property records, maps, and voter records for 71 illegally registered voters at a commercial building without apartments 2870 Peachtree Rd NW (and NE, which doesn’t exist) Atlanta, GA 30305. You conceded:

“I can’t quite make out the UPS number, but I do see a UPS listed at 2870 Peachtree Road.  I also think it’s odd that there is a huge condo building that is also a ‘2870’ address right behind where this address should be but is technically Pharr Court and not Peachtree. Just seems like there’s a chance something else is going on since there’s lots of addresses there. If I was trying to figure this out for a story, I’d personally be knocking on doors.”

Yet you ran a story, knocked on no doors, and instead of “trying to figure this out” you claimed our work is “sloppy and inconclusive” despite our evidence showing otherwise. Maybe if we showed that these voters were Trump supporters then you would be interested?

It is clear that your motives are not based in journalistic truth, but rather based in pushing a narrative to further a false agenda. It is no wonder so many Americans have lost faith in your profession. No wonder 538 had so many layoffs recently.

Learn to code,

Ian Camacho
Research Director
Look Ahead America

A PDF version of this letter can be found here: LAA_Response_to_538.

Further, Look Ahead has a complete video recording of the interview Rogers conducted with Camacho, proving her dishonesty in her report.

We are also making available the entire email chain further demonstrating Rogers’ mendacity, which you can see here: LAA_Rogers_EmailChain.