Look Ahead America Releases Updated Election Integrity Report Card

Washington, DC – With the 2022 primary elections almost at an end, Look Ahead America (LAA) released an update to its report card documenting each state’s efforts to reform their election operations to restore public confidence in elections. Since the original report in April, LAA has added an additional 13 bills from all state legislatures.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

People have often approached us asking “Why should we trust voting in 2022 after what we witnessed in 2020?” I agree that the skepticism is warranted, and there’s still a ton of work to be done, but many states have shrunk the window of vulnerabilities from 2 years ago, especially in 4 swing states. My only hope is that all states will focus on our other areas, aside from just “Zuck Bucks” area which has the most attention at the moment.

From the report:

Across the country, between 2021-2022, state legislators introduced 61 bills that addressed our six election integrity objectives. Of these, 13 bills passed into law without loopholes (4.33% of our goal) and another two passed although on a county level. 14 other state bills passed, albeit with loopholes. Considering that LAA started this effort in 2021 and given our limited budget, this success is largely attributed to our base of highly-motivated volunteers all across the USA and our generous small donors who enable us to continue.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/Aug22reportcard.

For details on the upcoming intermediate level community organizer national training conferences that can help citizens to pass laws and become engaged on a county and state level, please visit: https://lookaheadamerica.org/ntc.

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Look Ahead America Clerk Replies Confirm Dead Voters Are Still on the Voter Rolls 18 Months After 2020 General Election

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America is releasing even more replies from clerks in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin who were late to reply to our prior inquiries about questionable and potentially illegal voters.

In this report, a Georgia county clerk confirmed a dead voter was still on the rolls and marked inactive, despite having voted in 2020 from Florida and flagged by the NCOA. The notification of this voter prompted the clerk to look deeper into the record and ultimately discover that the voter had died in December 2020, but was still on the voter rolls.

Georgia’s SOS Investigators also revealed that 22 voters at Gwinnett County P.O. Boxes have a new investigation underway, and that other investigations are still ongoing in the SOS office.

Arizona’s Department of Transportation is investigating the 335 names submitted their way to determine if voters who registered at P.O. Boxes used false addresses on their AZ issued ID or state driver’s licenses. Georgia’s Department of Driver Services is still investigating the 1,400+ names submitted that were registered at P.O. Boxes, and Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation is also investigating these to determine

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

As you read the report, I hope voters looking to clean up their states’ rolls cannot simply take no for an answer when met with resistance. You must explain why this is an illegal registration or cast ballot, provide evidence, and clarify the law or goal. You also need to be willing to drill all the way down and figure out what happened to help these departments clean up issues if you’re really serious about wanting to fix these issues. We thank the clerks and investigators who have worked with us to help resolve problems in their states.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/azgawi.

For the prior reports, you may find them here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/azreport/, https://lookaheadamerica.org/gaclerks/, & https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

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Look Ahead America Releases The Racine Report

Washington, DC – During the 2020 General Election, a claim emerged that over 23,000 registered voters shared one phone number in Wisconsin, many at a prison or correctional facility. If true, then this would have surpassed the official margin of victory for the US Presidential election.

Look Ahead America’s Research Group investigated the original data sources to see if there was anything to this claim. The team contacted the phone number in question, interviewed staff at the Wisconsin Elections Commission, contacted one of the active voters connected to the number, and verified the eligibility of the top 41 most populated locations and all the jails in Racine County. The report provided at the link below gives the details of the investigation.

From the report:

Three of our reforms would have avoided this issue in the first place. Specifically, Mandated and Public Voter List Hygiene, Thumbprint Authentication of Absentee Ballots, and Creation and Sufficient Funding for a Dedicated Voter Fraud Investigation Division within the State’s Attorney General’s Office would restore voter confidence.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, stated:

This report shows how much work needs to happen clean up the voter rolls in Wisconsin and elsewhere. When people don’t bother to spend the time needed to find and understand the issues, let alone clean them up, and then lob accusations at each other, it makes everyone else’s job that much harder.

If anybody reading this resides in Wisconsin, reach out to us directly so that we can help you file formal challenges against voters and clerks to clean up these issues as the WEC sure isn’t going to do it based on their actions thus far.

The Racine Report appears here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/racine.

The Wisconsin Report and clerks’ responses appear at: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wisconsinreport/ and https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

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Look Ahead America Publishes Georgia’s Clerks’ Responses

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America just published the long-awaited replies from many county clerks in Georgia. We sent each affected county clerk’s office inquiries concerning questionable and potentially illegal voters that we had identified from the 2020 General Election voter rolls and that we summarized in our Georgia Report. The report was initially dismissed or ignored by Secretary of State (SOS) Raffensperger as well as several prominent Democrats. However, since then, the county clerks and SOS Raffensperger’s own investigators have initiated investigations into many cases we brought their way.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

We commend the Secretary of State’s Office for finally having the courage to look into our meticulous and well-documented research. That is much more than the FBI did when Matt Braynard submitted it to them in late 2020. Perhaps they are too busy targeting parents who question whether their school boards should be teaching gender identity to their kids. We hope that not only will this clean up the voter rolls in Georgia and lead to some prosecutions, but also that this will close off loopholes and vulnerabilities apparently long exploited and overlooked by state agencies and authorities. We encourage all citizens to take up this work and if they see something wrong in the voter rolls, to raise hell until they get a satisfactory answer.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/gaclerks.

For the Georgia Report, you may find it here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/georgiareport.

To read how Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger validated our method for detecting fraud and illegal registrations using the NCOA: https://lookaheadamerica.org/gasosncoa/.

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Look Ahead America Publishes Follow Up Responses from AZ, PA & WI Clerks

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America is publishing follow up replies from clerks in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin who were late to reply to our prior inquiries about questionable and potentially illegal voters.

From the report:

At least one response was due to pressure from the reports made public as evidenced by the county clerk in York, PA. Some clerks may simply be overburdened with work, however, and the slow response time is indicative of their workloads. In any case we thank those clerks for responding, and we ask the public to view the voter rolls and ask those county clerks that have not yet responded to do so and to clean their rolls of questionable voters based on the information we provided.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

This goes to show that it only takes one person on a local level to make a difference in cleaning up the voter rolls. Instead of complaining on social media, patriots should be using that time and energy doing what we are doing to work with clerks to help them improve voter integrity. Otherwise if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. As Matt Braynard put it, dooming is a cope.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/azpawi.

For the prior reports, you may find them here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/azreport/ https://lookaheadamerica.org/paresponses/https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

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Look Ahead America’s Got More Georgia Election Investigations Open

Washington, DC – There are now at least five official election related investigations in Georgia due to work from the Research Group at Look Ahead America (LAA): the previously announced case involving two voters registered at P.O. Boxes in Oconee County, one each in Toombs County, Candler County, and one in Texas involving a Thomas County voter. Each of these three are out of state subsequent registrations, that is, people who registered to vote in Georgia, then registered to vote in a new state, and then returned to vote in Georgia. There is also a review underway in Georgia’s Department of Driver Services Office of Investigative Services involving the 1,401 voters who potentially misled the state and registered at false addresses that we submitted.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research stated:

At last our claims are being taken seriously and investigated. This validates all our tranches and methodology that critics have dismissed previously because it didn’t fit their narratives. Previously, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed using the NCOA to remove 100,000 voters. Other clerks have done so in our follow up contacts, which we will publish soon.

This doesn’t just clean the voter rolls but gets at the root of election vulnerability: registrations validated at the Department of Motor Vehicles in all states appear to be a common denominator, which we first discovered in Wisconsin.

Voters should submit similar finds to their own DMV for investigation as we believe that we have found the root cause. Sending illegal registrations to the clerks and SOS offices will only remove the voter and potentially the location, but it won’t penalize the crime nor handle the underlying and overlooked vulnerability. Doing this will tighten voter integrity and bring to light several other illegal issues that the state didn’t know was going on under its nose.

To read the full emails involving these interactions with the investigators, visit: https://lookaheadamerica.org/gainvestigators.

For the Georgia Report: https://lookaheadamerica.org/georgiareport/.

For the notice about Secretary Raffensperger removing NCOA voters: https://lookaheadamerica.org/gasosncoa/.

For the DMV discovery in Wisconsin, read here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wivoterolls/.

View PDF of this press release here.


Look Ahead America Releases 151 Pages of Wisconsin Clerks’ Responses to Voter Data

Washington, DC – One year ago, Look Ahead America published The Wisconsin Report in which it confirmed that due to the number of questionable and illegal ballots in the state of Wisconsin, its 2020 General Elections results were unknowable.

We have since contacted each of the affected municipal clerks with all of our evidence, as well as the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). Instead of assisting, the WEC rejected our formal and well-documented complaint and instead sent its clerks guidelines that they could ignore our inquiries and reminded them how to make determinations in light of our evidence.

Nevertheless, several district attorneys are currently reviewing a number of cases with a few cases pending litigation. Additionally, the P.O. Box / nonresidential location registrations that we uncovered have been escalated to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles’ Fraud Unit.

From the report:

From what we have determined, it appears that nobody did their due diligence in the municipal clerks’ offices regarding these voters until we brought them to their attention. Additional investigation with calls and emails revealed they had assumed that the WEC had done so using their online registration forms and the proof of residency provided. Tracing it back further, the WEC based their approvals of proof of residency off of the DMV’s allowing these addresses for use as valid locations for driver’s licenses. Presumably, the voters appear to have hidden their PO Box locations under listings as “apartments”, “units”, and “suites.” They may have committed other types of fraud using these Wisconsin issued identifications, but we caught them using the voter rolls.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, added:

We need all Wisconsinites to assist us. Only they can file formal complaints against voters and clerks in their municipalities. We will get you the resources to help clean up the rolls and administrative stonewalling.

The ensuing compilation, which comes in at over 150 pages, reveals all responses and can be found here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

The Wisconsin Report appears here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wisconsinreport/.

View PDF of this press release here.


Look Ahead America Cleans Pennsylvania Voter Rolls

Washington, DC – In March 2022, Look Ahead America (LAA) published a report in which it confirmed having found illegal and questionable registrations at PO Boxes in both Arizona and Pennsylvania. That report appears here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/azpaboxes.

We have followed up with all the affected counties in Pennsylvania and submitted our 1,359 questionable and potentially illegal registrations to the clerks of the 63 affected counties. We published all of their responses here.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

While most responses were good and helpful, a few that were hostile and combative. Noteworthy was that the two hostile counties Lycoming and Fulton used verbatim language in their responses, indicative of a coordinated response between clerks that parroted familiar language of the legacy media (i.e. “baseless claims”). This revealed a partisan slant and lack of due diligence, which was surprising behavior from county clerks in trusted positions of authority. Hopefully their citizens will remove them in the next election cycles for unprofessional behavior and a failure to act on this information.

To read the full details, you may download the compilation of responses at https://lookaheadamerica.org/paresponses.

View PDF of this press release here.


Look Ahead America’s Arizona Report Shrinks The Margin of Victory

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America (LAA) has released the long-awaited Arizona Report today. LAA’s previously released Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania Reports already put the outcome of the 2020 General Election into question beyond a reasonable doubt, and now the Arizona Report shrinks the margin of victory by nearly 3,000 ballots. These finds, all available to journalists and government entities upon request, should cause concern and help bring about reforms to how the voter rolls are reviewed and cleaned.

Matt Braynard, LAA’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

We are a small organization that depends on volunteers, and using only publicly available resources we were able to find nearly 3,000 illegal votes cast in Arizona. The question is how many illegally cast ballots could the Secretary of State or the Attorney General find with their access to the complete state voter file, drivers license databases, and other records? Would it surpass the margin of victory? Our discovery here is reason enough for these state agencies to step up and do their job.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

We submitted the 335 voters that we found illegally registered at post office boxes to Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office back in December 2021, but we got no response. Since he ignored us, we have submitted to the clerks of the affected Arizona counties, some of which confirmed our work on illegal registrations and double voters, which have led to investigations in Yuma and elsewhere. We are publishing their responses here. We want to make sure that the work that our volunteers did will ensure that the voter rolls are clean for the 2022 midterms.

From the report:

Not accounting for any illegal ballots in unexamined Tranches 3, 4, 5, and 6, we expect the number of illegal ballots to reflect the percentages we found in the first two tranches. Likely this number would come in around 2,928 ballots.

Whether using the likely projections or the bare minimum, which assumes everything that we did not examine or could not determine was legal, the alleged 10,457 ballot margin of victory shrinks to under 10,000, but more importantly points to evidence that reforms are needed.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/AZReport.

View PDF of this press release here.