LAA Announces Pro-America School Board Resolution Project To Fight CRT, anti-Americanism in Classrooms

Today, Look Ahead America released announced its latest project, the Pro-America School Board Resolution. Look Ahead State Volunteer Coordinators across the country will begin to direct their volunteers to petition their local school board to pass this resolution which declares, among many other pro-America sentiments, that the United States is the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

Fighting anti-American poison like Critical Race Theory in our public schools is important, but it isn’t enough. Even if CRT was defeated, another leftist, anti-American theology would replace it as the default educational framework in our public schools.

This resolution is the beginning of our effort to go on the offense. This muscular and aggressive Pro-America resolution affirms that greatness our founders, recognizes the supremacy of parents as arbiters of their children’s educations, and declares that greatest responsibility of our schools is to produce a patriotic citizenry loyal to and willing to defend this great nation.

The beauty of a resolution is that it expresses the values of the school district and establishes a general framework for education in the classroom. And by pushing school boards to vote on this resolution, it will reveal who on the school board is an ally of our country and who seeks to undermine it.

The resolution can be found at

Download a PDF of this press release here: LAA_PR_ProAmericaSchoolBoardResolution.