LAA Releases The Racine Report

During the 2020 General Election, a claim emerged that over 23,000 registered voters shared one phone number in Wisconsin, many at a prison or correctional facility. If true, then this would have surpassed the official margin of victory for the US Presidential election. 

If anybody reading this resides in Wisconsin, reach out to us directly so that we can help you file formal challenges against voters and clerks to clean up these issues as the WEC sure isn’t going to do it based on their actions thus far.  The full Press Release:

The Racine Report:

The Wisconsin Report and clerks’ responses: and

Georgia’s Clerks’ Responses Published

We sent each affected county clerk’s office inquiries concerning questionable and potentially illegal voters that we had identified from the 2020 General Election voter rolls and that we summarized in our Georgia Report. The report was initially dismissed or ignored by Secretary of State (SOS) Raffensperger as well as several prominent Democrats. However, since then, the county clerks and SOS Raffensperger’s own investigators have initiated investigations into many cases we brought their way.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at

For the Georgia Report, you may find it here:

To read how Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger validated our method for detecting fraud and illegal registrations using the NCOA:

Join our Research team:

LAA Target of Hate Mail Smear Campaign

Look Ahead America’s name and address is being maliciously used to send hate mail. Only because some of those letters, which were postmarked from Orlando, Florida, were sent to outdated addresses and returned to our mailbox did we learn of this smear campaign. The abhorrent content of the letter:

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LAA In The News…

Election Integrity Organization Takes Action on Wisconsin, Other States’ Findings

“Approximately one year ago, the non-profit organization LookAheadAmerica, staffed primarily by volunteers, published a 25-page report on election data gleaned from Wisconsin’s 2020 general election demonstrating that a minimum of 157,000 invalid votes were cast on November 3 that year.”

Look Ahead America Releases Georgia Follow-Up Report on Questionable 2020 Ballots

“…the non-profit Look Ahead America released a follow-up report containing the responses of Georgia election officials to the group’s referral of cast ballots from the 2020 general election which appeared to fall into one of three disallowed categories.

LAA has spearheaded a number of projects to include voter enfranchisement, the “J6 Question Project and Justice for J6,” the “ProAmerica School Resolution,” an “Anti-Corporate Censorship Bill,” and Voter Integrity Reform Policy Objectives, and the Voter Integrity Project.”

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