Illegal Voters on Rolls & My Video Update

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Illegal Voters Are Still on the Voter Rolls 18 Months After 2020 General Election

Look Ahead America is releasing even more replies from clerks in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin who were late to reply to our prior inquiries about questionable and potentially illegal voters. Full press release: (Also attached.)

To read the report:

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LAA In The News…

Wiggins America • Ryan interviews the Director of Research at Look Ahead America about election integrity and more.

“Debunked nonsense turned voter roll cleanup gold standard.”

“I do see some good happening. The bow is about to break.”

Congressman Bacon Aware of Pelosi’s Traps

“Pelosi’s strategy ends up eating away at other issues. I am still concerned about election integrity and the abusive prosecution of January 6 attendees. Look Ahead America has revealed over 23,000 voters in Racine, Wisconsin shared the same phone number ( Some say people should get over the 2020 election, but the left clearly is not. Leftists extremists abused the US postal mail to smear the Look Forward America organization by spoofing the organization’s address to send hate-filled letters ( Keep in mind, abuse of the US Postal Service is a Federal offense.”

Look Ahead America Director of Research – Election Integrity & Audit

Video interview by Addy Adds @OneAddyAdds

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