Pro-America School Board Resolution

Fighting anti-American poison like Critical Race Theory in our public schools is important, but it isn’t enough. Even if CRT was defeated, another leftist, anti-American theology would replace it as the default educational framework in our public schools.

This resolution is the beginning of our effort to go on the offense. This muscular and aggressive Pro-America resolution affirms that greatness our founders, recognizes the supremacy of parents as arbiters of their children’s educations, and declares that greatest responsibility of our schools is to produce a patriotic citizenry loyal to and willing to defend this great nation.

The beauty of a resolution is that it expresses the values of the school district and establishes a general framework for education in the classroom. And by pushing school boards to vote on this resolution, it will reveal who on the school board is an ally of our country and who seeks to undermine it.

If you pursue passing this within your school district, please notify us at so we can support your effort.

Read the resolution text below or download a PDF version here: LAA_ProAmericaSchoolResolution_FinalB.

Resolution Regarding the Teaching of American History in the [District Name] School District

A resolution providing general guidance to the faculty and administrators employed in this school district on the education of our students regarding the history of the United States of America.

Whereas the United States of America (USA) is the greatest nation in the history of Mankind;

Whereas the philosophical, political, and cultural foundation born of and handed down by our founders has delivered to our citizens a land of peace, prosperity, and justice, that must be preserved;

Whereas, while the slavery found in our early years originated from Africa and the Middle East where it still practiced today, the people of our nation eradicated that evil practice from our shores at great cost and set the example for liberty and freedom for world;

Whereas the kindness, generosity, and spirit of the American people has welcomed more immigrants and refugees than all other nations combined and given them the opportunity to become sons and daughters of the greatest country on Earth;

Whereas there is no nation that has done more to ensure the peace, freedom, safety and prosperity of fellow nations around the world;

Whereas the mother and father are the first educators and stewards in a child’s life and should be respected as such. America’s Founding Fathers referenced Cicero in outlining the family as the “seminary of the republic.” Habits and morals in the home reflect upon the child in early development;

Whereas it is acknowledged that the family is to be supported and their council sought first, in pursuit of the child’s education before any other advisements of institutional education;

Whereas the United States Constitution shall be studied thoroughly at all grade levels. To outline that the Founding Fathers created the document to limit government, not to give its citizens rights. Our inalienable rights come only from the Creator;

Whereas, our nation’s enemies, foreign and especially domestic, seek to poison our young people’s minds, to indoctrinate them to express hate for America, its Founders, its sacred institutions, and its culture, through deceit and lies perpetuated through mainstream media, corrupt unelected bureaucrats, partisan hacks and charlatans posing as educators;

Be it resolved that:

The primary educational mission of this school district is to instill in our students a pride in the nation that our Founders have created and to develop a clear, unbiased understanding of America’s glorious history and the promise it holds for untold generations to come.

We must instill in our students a love and a respect of this nation, its history, institutions, culture, people, and future, and to embrace our great honor to live not just in this nation but for this nation, to work tirelessly to preserve and protect it, and, as our founders did, pledge to its survival our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.