Look Ahead Action Network: Fighting Corporate Censorship By Establishing Free Speech States

While private corporations are free to regulate the speech that occurs on their platforms and choose who they will or will not hire or transact business with, they are not entitled to enrich themselves with tax dollars paid by the same people whom they are denying the exercise of Constitutionally-protected speech, political activity, and gainful employment.

The remedy to this problem is the establishment of “Free Speech States” with state-level legislation that prohibits corporations who do business with the state from engaging in censorship, deplatforming, and employment discrimination.

Here’s how to fight to make your state a free speech state:

1. Familiarize yourself with our LAA_FreeSpeechStates_PolicyObjectives.

2. Get free training from us on how to lobby your state and local governments. Our first online training session is January 27th from 7 PM Eastern until 10 PM Eastern. Register here: https://www.leadershipinstitute.org/laa.

3. Get connected to other people in your state. Fill out the form below to give us permission to share your email address and contact information with others in your state so you can work together to lobby your legislature.

4. Follow us on Social Media (links in the navigation) to get get updates on progress in your state.

5. Got results? Email us at patriotaction@lookaheadamerica.org to let us know how your efforts are proceeding or what difficulties you may be facing.

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