LAA Releases Complete Report on Backdoor HR1 Efforts Through State Legislatures

Washington DC – Today, Look Ahead America (LAA) Research Group released an expanded list of over 900 attempts to pass dangerous elements of HR1 through state legislatures.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of LAA, made the following statement:

While H.R.1, the dangerous and unconstitutional so-called “election reform” bill has been blocked in the US Senate, our Research Group made a startling discovery: progressives in state legislatures are introducing hundreds of bills that mimic H.R.1.

We are rallying our volunteers and fellow patriots to make sure their state representatives know that attempts to tamper with election integrity by passing H.R.1 through the back door isn’t going unnoticed.

Some noteworthy examples in this round include:

ARIZONA: Upon release, persons convicted of a felony will have their voting rights automatically restored. Citation: S.B.1439

CALIFORNIA: Establish permanent, no-fault mail-in voting for all registered voters for every election. All registered voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot without requesting one. Citation: A.B.37

MASSACHUSETTS: Persons convicted of a felony, age 16 or older, shall be automatically pre-registered to vote with the office of correction, which becomes a voter registration agency. The convicted felon automatically becomes a registered voter upon their release, whether they’re on probation or not. Citation: S.450

NEW JERSEY: Comprehensive changes all in one bill, including early voting, automatic registration, permanent no-fault mail-in voting for every election, under-18 registration of voters and ballot harvesting (for up to 10 voters). Citation: S.B. 94

NEW YORK: Gives voters the ability to maintain vote at any residency that they maintain a continuous connection to, including vacation or second homes, which weakens the voter roll residency requirements. Citation: A.B.6482

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