LAA Releases Autopsy of Pennsylvania’s Failed Voter Integrity Legislation (HB1300)

Washington DC – Today, Look Ahead America’s Research Group released a report analyzing HB 1300, the Pennsylvania State Legislature’s attempt at voter integrity reform that was vetoed by the governor.

HB 1300 was a massive bill and it moved through the legislature faster than the Research Group was able to complete the analysis. Because the legislation may eventually be the starting point of future efforts or a ballot initiative/state constitutional amendment, LAA believes there is value in sharing the analysis.

Three of Look Ahead America’s six public policy objectives are found in some form in the legislation:

• Requiring the use of the NCOA database to exclude voters who are no longer eligible to cast ballots.

• Requiring the use of open source voting equipment.

• Requiring the equal distribution throughout the state of private donations.

However, the bill also had some weaknesses. Namely, it did not require an ID to vote in person. An individual wishing to vote in person without any form of ID could cast a ballot by making up the last four digits of a Social Security number, and there was no requirement that election officials confirm that the numbers were correct.

And while it could do a better job implementing LAA’s objectives and had a lot of room to improve, it is a good start.

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