LAA Sampling of Progress on Election Integrity

Convictions and Cases Regarding Voter Fraud

One voter got three convictions in Bradley County, TN for double voting in Volusia County, FL from 2020-2022: 

LAA has opened 150 official voter fraud cases, one resulted in three convictions, still have 138 open in eight states:

ERIC, Wisconsin Elections Commission, Marathon WI and Yuma AZ county clerks, and Yuma Sheriff agreed we found a double voter. Yuma DA refused to prosecute: & 

Lackawanna County, PA (Scranton, Biden’s hometown) a double voter case where the voter double voted in PA and FL in 2022 and admitted to it, but Lackawanna County DA says no evidence:

High accuracy in challenges and cleanup

Reports for GA, WI, PA, AZ showed illegal ballots surpassed the margin of victory in 3 of them:

GA Report: ,

WI Report: ,

PA Report:

AZ Report:

Identified over 900 likely illegal ballots cast in Arizona in the 2022 General Election:

With the help of Steve Bannon and War Room, we had volunteers submit voter roll challenges across nine states using our data and further researching the voter lists. A few succeeded in a some cases:

We found three races flipped Republican to Democrat comparing official county numbers to official PA numbers: 

We also raised challenges before the 2022 General Election in Arizona: 

35 counties cleaned their rolls by removing voters, blocking the illegal locations to register for use from voting, or updated the rolls based on LAA GA Report data:

100% accuracy in submitting 11 names at P.O. Boxes to Lycoming County, PA, which their clerk confirmed and removed: 

100% accuracy in submitting 44 names at P.O. Boxes to Rockdale County, GA, which their clerk confirmed and removed: 


A report card of states implementing LAA’s public policy objectives, some passed with the help of our volunteers: 

In South Carolina, a volunteer named Lori Boddy helped pass SB 108 to clean voter rolls:

The Governor later appointed Boddy to the Aiken County Board of Elections: 

In New Jersey, volunteer Denise Bolognese helped state Senator Joe Pennacchio to write and introduce legislation regarding open source voting equipment:

Interview with Senator Pennacchio and Matt: 

Even haters confirm that NJ Senator Pennacchio worked with our volunteer: 

LAA’s six public policy objectives regarding election integrity: “Black Box” Voting FAQs:

Module 4 Completed