LAA’s South Carolina Coordinator Leads Successful Effort to Get Election Integrity Bill Signed

Look Ahead America’s (LAA) Lori Boddy worked for a year with General Assembly members and local activists pushing Senate Bill 108, one of the most important pieces of election integrity legislation in the country.

S. 108, which was passed unanimously, includes provisions which address two of LAA’s six election integrity reform objectives.

Ms. Boddy, Look Ahead America’s South Carolina Coordinator, made the following statement:

I’m excited for South Carolina to close many election-related loopholes and very proud of our team’s efforts to work with Senator Chip Campsen to get this important legislation passed and signed by Governor McMaster.

Matt Braynard, Look Ahead America’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

This proves the effectiveness of community organizing in the fight to restore election integrity. Community leaders like Lori uniting and directing the efforts of patriotic Americans to make positive changes in state and local governments is how we will save our country.

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