Limited Review Finds 903 Likely Illegal Ballots in Arizona’s General Election

Phoenix, Arizona – Following up on Look Ahead America’s recent analysis revealing over 55,000 likely illegal voters on the rolls, a limited, subsequent analysis reveals 903 of these voters were marked as having voted in the 2022 General Election. Also notable is that 321 of these voters had been marked by the Secretary of State as being on inactive status as a result of mail bouncing back.

This analysis was limited to voters who moved out of state within the last three years, which is the limit of the US Postal Services’ National Change of Address lookup. This analysis did not include those who cast early ballots that arrived on or after November 7th, the last day early voting records were made available.

Our earlier audit of the voter rolls confirmed that 80% of voters who matched to the NCOA database were no longer legal residents of Arizona and no longer eligible to vote.

LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

We are disappointed that the state of Arizona did not heed the warning we’ve been giving them over the last two years that there are real problems with their voter rolls. As an outside organization with limited access, we were still able to find a significant number of ballots that were likely cast illegally.

We again encourage the people of Arizona to hold their election officials accountable and demand they apply rigorous hygiene to their voter rolls using all available resources.

LAA clarifies that while an illegal ballot may have been cast in someone’s name, it does not mean that individual necessarily cast the ballot. While LAA cannot make the data publicly available due to privacy/doxing concerns, we will review it with journalists and other interested parties.

LAA is sending the complete analysis, including voter data, to the Arizona Secretary of State and the Arizona Attorney General. For purposes of independent authentication, we are also sending the data to ABC 15 journalist Garrett Archer.

Read our earlier audit analysis here:

Visit PDF of this press release here.