LAA Presents Duped: A Citizen’s Findings of the 2020 Election and Recount (as Presented to Cherokee and Cobb County, GA)

Look Ahead America presents Duped: A Citizen’s Findings of the 2020 Election and Recount.

Director of Research Ian Camacho hosted special guest Cherokee County resident Troy Horton last night. Troy presented this meticulously researched material to the Cherokee County Board of Elections last month during the time for public comment.

The presentation avoids speculation and opinion; it focuses on facts, data, and evidence. It makes a strong case for hand-marked paper ballots, open source voting machines, and improved record-keeping for forensic audits and public access.

Watch the full video interview from February 15, 2022 below.

Read the detailed PowerPoint presentation that Troy Horton shared here: LAA_Troy_Horton_Cherokee_Cobb_County_Presentation

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