LAA Officially Launches Patriotic Souls to the Polls Initiative to bring in 120,000 new rural Christian Voters to Polls

View a PDF version of this press release here.

Look Ahead America officially launched their Patriotic Souls to the Polls at a press conference at the Georgia Statehouse in Atlanta. LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard and State Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Rae Vliet were joined by State Representative and Pastor Wes Cantrell, State Representatives Matt Dubnik and Todd Jones, and Turning Point Faith representative Dawson Mancabelli.

At the conference, Matt Braynard made the following statement:

For too long rural Christians have been disenfranchised in this state because while in urban, progressive counties, churches there have had the opportunity to register and turnout their voters on Sundays, rural, patriotic counties have not had that opportunity. We estimate 60,000 rural Christian voters did not participate in the last election and an additional 60,000 are not registered. This mission of this initiative is to change that. So far, we’ve successfully flipped Hall and Cherokee County to allow voting on Sundays, and we expect to flip Forsyth County within the next few weeks.

Rep. Wes Cantrell made the following statement:

My dream as a pastor and as a state representative is that there are a couple of Sundays before an election where pastors all over a county would stand up and say, ‘folks, get out and vote today.’ Couldn’t be more easy, couldn’t be more convenient. Grab some lunch after church and head by the polls before you go home. The law needs to be applied equally. It shouldn’t be different whether you live in one county or another. Every Georgian should have equal access to vote.

Rep. Todd Jones made the following statement:

This is all about access and ensuring every Georgian has the same opportunity to get to the polls. If Sunday is more convenient for you to get to the polls, we want to help you get there so you can cast your vote.

Rep. Matt Dubnik made the following statement:

Senate Bill 202 that we passed last year gave everyone the opportunity to have access to the ballot. I’m very excited about the opportunity for Sunday voting to give access to the ballot box to Georgians in all 159 counties.

Dawson Mancabelli, Turning Point Faith’s Peach Territory Representative, made the following statement:

We’re excited for this opportunity for a partnership with Look Ahead America. At Turning Point Faith, we hope to civically engage faith communities. That looks like voter registration drives, that looks like hosting potlucks after a Sunday early vote.

LAA State Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Rae Vliet made the following statement:

We have an incredible group of volunteers that love their Peach State and love this country. I want to extend a warm invitation out to any patriotic American who’d like to be a part of history in the making. You can do that by going to

The Patriotic Polls to the Souls initiative involves the following two steps:

    1. Obtaining approval for a Sunday vote option in the 143 rural counties in Georgia that currently do not allow it. As of November 2021, LAA has successfully lobbied and gained approval of a Sunday vote option in two of Georgia’s largest rural counties, Hall and Cherokee, with more to follow in the very near future.
    2. Outreach, registration, education and mobilization efforts of churches in Georgia’s rural counties (aka our Church the Vote campaign). These efforts will culminate through wide-spread voter participation at our Patriotic Souls to the Polls Sunday voting days, preceding upcoming general elections.

See video of the press conference here: