LAA’s Braynard Responds to Dominion’s Legal ‘Assassins’

Washington DC – On February 11, Dominion Voting Systems’ lawyers sent a letter to Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard making several demands, including that he retracts statements about their voting machines.

Matt Braynard responded with the following statement:

The letter from Dominion’s attorneys, who on their own website describe themselves as ‘assassins,’ alleges that I claimed Dominion is responsible for voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 general election. This is lie, and the lawyers never cite a specific example of such a statement. All of my work on election irregularities has focused on illegally cast ballots, and I’ve never made any allegations of fraud or irregularities against Dominion.

Their letter goes on to make many other false and misleading claims about my work and me personally. And while others have made accusations about their company, I never have, so I began to wonder, why would they send a letter like this to me?

But then, one of their sentences gives it all away: “We demand you retract calls to boycott Dominion.”

This letter from Dominion has nothing to do with my findings from the 2020 general election, but everything to do with Look Ahead America’s policy objective to ban the use of the black box voting equipment that Dominion sells for hundreds of millions of dollars to state and counties across the country.

Black box voting equipment runs on software and hardware that is a corporate secret and unavailable for examination by government officials and the public. For this principled reason and many others, Look Ahead America is leading the fight against its use in our elections, and our position has broad, bipartisan support and is backed by peer-reviewed science.

And this is the real reason why Dominion is coming after me— because they’re worried about their bottom line and their monopoly on US elections.

I am fortunate enough to be represented by one of our nation’s premier lawyers in this area, Harmeet Dhillon, and her team of expert attorneys, and they are determined to represent our cause. They’ve drafted a response letter that I’m happy to share with all of you.

But I also have my own, direct response to Dominion and their attorney ‘assassins’:

I’m not retracting anything. And I’m not going to stop speaking out.

If working for Donald Trump taught me anything, it’s that you never back down, you double down.

Banning black box voting equipment was number three of six election integrity reforms we’ve advocated. It just moved up to #1, and we will not rest until black box voting machines are removed from every election precinct in the country and replaced by open-source platforms that are transparent and demonstrably secure.

First up in our renewed effort is preventing the state of Louisiana from awarding its $100 million voting equipment contract to any black box vendor. Instead, we must insist that any new voting equipment meet the highest standards of transparency and open-source design. In the coming weeks, I will personally travel to Pelican state to organize bi-partisan and non-partisan allies and to rally like-minded activists to petition the legislature and request hearings to accomplish this goal.

To our supporters: if you’re interested in donating to help our legal and organizational efforts or volunteering to help us with our cause, please go to Together, we can put black box voting equipment in the dumpster of election history alongside the poll tax.

This is Matt Braynard with Look Ahead America. America First, America Forever.

MATT BRAYNARD is the former Director of Data and Strategy for President Trump’s 2016 Campaign, was the director and founder of the Voter Integrity Project in the aftermath of the 2020 general election, and is the founder and executive director of Look Ahead America, a 501c3 organization dedicated to voter integrity, patriotic issues, and registering, educating, and turning out to vote disaffected, patriotic Americans.

View PDF of this press release here.