LAA Releases Voter Integrity Reform Policy Objectives, Announces Free Online Activist Training

Washington DC – Today, LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard announced that the organization has released its policy objectives for state-level voter integrity reforms.

“After many months consulting with our own team of election experts and after considering hundreds of suggestions made to our organization by the public, we are excited to announce these policy objectives that will help to restore trust in our nation’s election system,” said Braynard.

“And we aren’t just talking about these policies. On February 18th we will have our second online-training session to teach activists across the country how to fight for these reforms at the county and state level. Our previous training session had over 1000 viewers, and we expect even more next time.”

“While we received many suggestions for reforms, these are focused on what is achievable and in line with current state and federal laws,” said Braynard. “This isn’t the be-all, end-all, and additional, state-specific reforms are necessary. However, we believe these have the potential to eliminate all of the problems – real and reasonably alleged – from the 2020 general election.”

The six policy objectives are summarized as: (1) thumbprint authentication of absentee ballots, (2) mandated voter list hygiene, (3) ban of “black box” voting equipment, (4) the appointment of a citizens committee with real authority and access to the election process, (5) the creation of a dedicated and fully-funded voter fraud investigation unit within each state’s attorney general’s office, and (6) the equitable distribution of private contributions to election operations.

The detailed, complete explanation of these policy objective may be found online at Registration for the online activist training can be found at