LAA Responds to 538’s Lying Reporter Kaleigh Rogers

Today, Look Ahead America’s Research Director Ian Camacho released the following letter in response to the many fabrications in liar Kaleigh Roger’s hit piece on LAA’s Voter Integrity Project’s reports.


View PDF of this press release here.

Look Ahead has a complete video recording of the interview Rogers conducted with Camacho, proving her dishonesty in her report.

We are also making available the entire email chain further demonstrating Rogers’ mendacity, which you can see below.


Download PDF of emails here.

LAA Grades Texas Election Integrity Bill: “F”

Washington DC – Look Ahead America today released our analysis of Texas’s attempt at election integrity, Senate Bill 1.

Look Ahead America’s Research Director, Ian Camacho, who led the development of the report, stated the following:

Texas Senate Bill 1 does nothing to change the underlying issues with elections and in many cases makes the situation worse.

From the 35-page analysis:

Texas S.B. 1 purports to achieve voter integrity, however, the voters of Texas deserve much higher standards from their elected officials in addressing voter fraud and election integrity.

Not only does it fail at all of Look Ahead America’s core objectives to strengthen our elections, in many cases it actually undermines voter integrity. Not in the way that the Department of Justice claims it does, however, as the bill makes clear that the laws are not to discriminate against those with disabilities and leaves room for their aid. Likewise, at various points many accommodations are made for those with disabilities, those in need, those in hospice or assisted living. The actions by the DOJ appear at best uninformed and at worst political theater.

LAA’s Research Group produced the 35-page VISAGE Report which includes a full summary of the bill as well as an analysis of how well it addresses key election integrity concerns.

View PDF of this press release here.


View PDF of the report here.


LAA Research Group Releases “The Antrim Report”

Look Ahead America’s research group today released the Antrim Report, a summary and analysis of the election anomalies that occurred in that county.

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

We are proud to publish this report to set the record straight  about what happened in Antrim County in the 2020 election. Many phony, fraudulent claims about what happened in Antrim county have confused the public and buried a simple truth: the Dominion Voting Equipment machines used in this election should be decertified and replaced with an open source alternative.

From the report’s summary:

On the night of the 2020 General Election, Antrim County went to Joe Biden. This drew immediate scrutiny given that then-candidate Donald Trump had won handily four years earlier. The following day, a corrected count showed that Dominion machines had erroneously underreported Trump and that he had won Antrim County by nearly 6,000 votes.

The Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), on behalf of DePerno Law, performed an independent investigation in Antrim County.

ASOG claimed that Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) machines in Antrim County intentionally switched votes from Trump to Biden, transmitted the results wirelessly, had an exceptionally high error rate that exceeded certification limits, and illegally wiped the ballot images in violation of state law. Democratic Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the bipartisan Michigan Senate Oversight Committee, Dominion Voting Systems, and University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. J. Alex Halderman – who performed an independent analysis – concluded that ASOG’s claims had no factual basis for several reasons.

Our analysis of all reports and data showed that, for the most part, the defendants correctly rebutted ASOG’s claims. No evidence suggests that Antrim County’s DVS machines had fraudulent features in their designs, were online, or suffered from wiped ballot images.

Vulnerabilities in the system did exist, however, although mostly due to human error and negligence. Due to missing poll tapes, one local race could not correctly audit or accurately account for 72 ballots. In another race, a 3-ballot discrepancy changed the outcome of the race, with machine error as a conspicuous suspect. That race also had prior scan records erased without explanation. These instances alone should decertify DVS machines.

Furthermore, our research uncovered evidence that Dominion violated its state contract because the tabulators and memory cards failed to store write-in ballot images as specified in contract point 1.1.A.23, they violated the state agreement. These points along with the tabulation errors provide sufficient cause to decertify the DVS machines.

As nobody could view the source code due to DVS products being proprietary, “black box voting” machines, nobody outside Dominion knows for sure what it contains. All of these issues could be resolved through the adoption of open source voting machines, with requirements to archive ballot images and ballot definitions.

Download a PDF of this report here.


LAA Research Group: Analysis of Georgia Election Rule Changes

Today, Look Ahead America’s Research Group released a summary analysis of two of recent rule changes regarding elections.

182-1-12 covers the preparation and conduct of elections, while 182-1-14 covers the eligibility of applications for absentee ballots.

Download a PDF of this analysis here.


Download a PDF of this analysis here.


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LAA Releases Analysis of Arizona SB 1241

Today, Look Ahead America released its analysis of Arizona SB 1241.

LAA’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement on the analysis:

This was a highly contentious voter integrity reform bill. While it failed, we thought it would be worthwhile to give a clear-eyed review of what exactly this legislation attempted to do. It’s our conclusion that despite claims to the contrary, it was a reasonable attempt to improve how elections work in the Grand Canyon state. While we believe much more serious reforms are necessary, not just in Arizona but across the country, this bill certainly did no harm and had many provisions that would go a long way to restoring confidence in the state’s elections.

Download PDF of this report here.


LAA Releases Legislative Analysis of MI HB 4838

Today, Look Ahead America released its analysis of Michigan’s latest voter integrity legislation, H.B. 4838.

From the report:

There are concerns that H.B. 4838 will create confusion among voters3 and that this bill serves no purpose because electronic poll books and voting systems purportedly do not connect to the Internet. Evidence documented by NBC News, however, shows voting systems connected to the Internet in many states, including Michigan, which indicates that such concerns indeed have merit and a factual basis. This bill therefore would address concerns of voters wishing to maintain integrity of their elections, and, even if redundant, makes in no uncertain terms clear that the machines may not connect to the Internet during the election.

View PDF of this report here.


LAA Releases Updated J6 Prisoner Database

Look Ahead America has finished our revised January 6 Prisoner Database and we’re happy to share it today. It is complete and includes a wealth of information on each arrestee, including contact info for their legal counsel.

You can find it at

You may also listen to our interviews with some of these prisoners and hear their stories firsthand on our podcast “The Political Prisoner” at