LAA Grades Texas Election Integrity Bill: “F”

Washington DC – Look Ahead America today released our analysis of Texas’s attempt at election integrity, Senate Bill 1.

Look Ahead America’s Research Director, Ian Camacho, who led the development of the report, stated the following:

Texas Senate Bill 1 does nothing to change the underlying issues with elections and in many cases makes the situation worse.

From the 35-page analysis:

Texas S.B. 1 purports to achieve voter integrity, however, the voters of Texas deserve much higher standards from their elected officials in addressing voter fraud and election integrity.

Not only does it fail at all of Look Ahead America’s core objectives to strengthen our elections, in many cases it actually undermines voter integrity. Not in the way that the Department of Justice claims it does, however, as the bill makes clear that the laws are not to discriminate against those with disabilities and leaves room for their aid. Likewise, at various points many accommodations are made for those with disabilities, those in need, those in hospice or assisted living. The actions by the DOJ appear at best uninformed and at worst political theater.

LAA’s Research Group produced the 35-page VISAGE Report which includes a full summary of the bill as well as an analysis of how well it addresses key election integrity concerns.

View PDF of this press release here.


View PDF of the report here.