Look Ahead America Rates Florida SB 90: “D”, Passing, but Just Barely

Today, Look Ahead America released its first VISAGE report designed to analyze voter integrity reforms. The subject of this report is Florida’s Senate Bill 90.

The Voter Integrity Summary, Analysis, Grading and Evaluation (VISAGE) Report has four major components: Summarizing the overall bill, Analyzing each section of the bill, Grading each section of the bill using Look Ahead America’s six objectives for voter integrity reform, and Evaluating the overall bill.

Per the report, SB 90 got Ds and Fs by most of the VISAGE measures except for one area: it bans outside funding for election operations with the exception of allowing the use of a location for a polling location, such as a church or a social organization donating their premises.

The report concludes:

While FL S.B. 90 does something to address voter integrity – arguably better than doing nothing – the voters of Florida are deserving of higher standards from their elected officials in addressing voter fraud and election integrity.

Download PDF of this report here.