ProPublica Targets Look Ahead America

The following is a letter from Look Ahead America’s executive director and founder, Matt Braynard. 

Good Morning,

I want to share some urgent news.

The same outlet that tried to smear Justice Samuel Alito is now trying to smear Look Ahead America because of our election integrity efforts.

The effectiveness of our advocacy for improved election integrity laws, our assistance to voters trying to remove “dead wood” from their local voting rolls, and our submission of evidence to states and counties that has resulted in multiple voter fraud convictions and the deletion of countless illegitimate voters across the country has drawn the attention of the Soros-funded leftwing hit-squad known as ProPublica.

And just as Justice Alito set the record straight ahead of ProPublica’s publication, we’re setting the record straight with you ahead of their story coming out.

They sent us three misleading questions built on false premises. Rather than answering them privately, we are answering them publicly so that our complete responses will not be butchered or taken out of context as is the habit ProPublica.

You’re not taking flack unless you’re over the target. But ProPublica will not stop us from:

Fighting for election integrity.

Standing up for the civil rights of political prisoners. 

Training new community organizers.

Launching aggressive voter turnout and registration operations serving disaffected patriotic Americans of rural and blue collar backgrounds. 

ProPublica might have George Soros and other likeminded anti-American globalists funding their agenda, but I’d take your support over those clowns any day. Please help us stay in the fight with a contribution at

America First, America Forever.

Matt Braynard

PS: ProPublica is trying to take down Look Ahead America, but we aren’t going to be intimidated and we aren’t going to give up. Please help us with stay in this fight with a contribution at


Download the press release responding to ProPublica’s questions here: LAA_PR_ProPublica_rev.