Anti-Dominion Work by LAA

LAA sent two letters to Dominion Voting Systems in 2021 after they threatened Matt Braynard: ,

Meanwhile, LAA requested that Stark County, OH Elections Board and Commissioners reject the purchase of “black box” voting equipment:

Stark County Commissioners rejected the purchase: 

LAA sued the Stark County Elections Board, Commissioners, and Dominion for purchasing and overriding the Commissioners. Currently on appeal:

LAA stopped Louisiana from purchasing $110 million in new voting equipment in 2021, it still hasn’t bought any:

This happened despite their legislators doing all they can to sabotage it with SB 221: 

Denise Bolognese helped NJ State Senator Joe Pennacchio write legislation and introduce it regarding open source voting equipment in 2021: & 

LAA’s six public policy objectives regarding election integrity: 

“Black Box” Voting FAQs:

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