Look Ahead America Scores Major Victories in Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey on Vaccine Mandates, Election Integrity

Washington DC – Look Ahead America is proud to announce three major victories on vaccine mandates and election integrity:

Florida Limits Vaccine Mandates. Our volunteers contacted all state legislators ahead of the Special Session to share constituent concerns and request meetings. We held many meetings with legislators via zoom. We called, emailed and/or spoke with every member of the Commerce Committee where this Covid-19 bill first appeared, and made sure they were fully educated about citizens’ demands for medical liberty.

Rural Georgia County Votes to Allow Sunday Voting. We successfully convinced Cherokee County to allow voting on Sunday to give rural, patriotic churches the same opportunity to organize “Souls to the Polls” as urban, progressive churches in places like Fulton and DeKalb. This is our first major victory in our Patriotic Souls to the Polls initiative and our team is working to allow Sunday voting in every rural county in the state.

New Jersey Legislation Requiring Open Source Voting Introduced. New Jersey State Senator Pennachio has introduced legislation to require all elections in the state use open source voting equipment. S-4162 came after extensive meetings between LAA’s local volunteers and the senator and his staff. It is a major first step towards getting rid of unreliable black-box voting equipment produced by companies like Dominion Voting Systems.

LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

While these victories aren’t grabbing headlines or getting the attention of DC’s dilettante chattering class, they are real and they are progress, and they are what will ultimately make a difference. They did not come as the result of billionaire donors or media manipulation. They happened because of our volunteers engaging in America First community organizing.

Over the next month, our volunteer leadership in over thirty states are launching additional initiatives that will lead to more wins that eventually add up to the kind of major victories we need to save our county.

To get involved with America First community organizing, please sign up to volunteer at https://www.lookaheadamerica.org/volunteer.

View PDF of this press release here.