LAA Identifies Back-Door Attempt to Pass HR1

Today, the Look Ahead America (LAA) Research Group released a list of over 563 attempts to pass dangerous elements of HR1 through state legislatures.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of LAA, made the following statement:

While H.R.1, the dangerous and unconstitutional so-called “election reform” bill has been blocked in the US Senate, our Research Group made a startling discovery: progressives in state legislatures are introducing hundreds of bills that mimic H.R.1.

We are rallying our volunteers and fellow patriots to make sure their state representatives know that attempts to tamper with election integrity by passing H.R.1 through the back door isn’t going unnoticed. 

Some noteworthy examples include:

MASSACHUSETTS: Mandatory voting for all state citizens, with a $15 tax penalty for not voting.   Citation: H 765

WEST VIRGINIA: Remove felonies as a reason to disqualify voting. Citation: H.B. 2864

TEXAS: Under 18 Registration and Inmates Voting. Citation: S.B. 1899

ARIZONA: Removes penalties for ballot harvesting. Citation: S.B. 1671

ALABAMA: Inmate identification card valid form of ID to vote absentee, Sec. 17-9-30 amended. Citation: H.B. 38

VIRGINIA: Constitutional amendment (first reference) 16-year-olds permitted to vote in local elections. Citation: HJR 551

Download PDF of this report here.