Congressman Gosar’s HB 466 Is A Bold First Step to Outlaw Black Box Voting

Washington, D.C. – Today, Look Ahead America released an analysis of Rep. Paul Gosar’s legislation that requires a study to investigate and consider open source software for voting machines for use in 2028.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, made the following statement.

Nothing will help restore confidence in our elections more than banning black box voting equipment and the study of open source alternatives required by this legislation is a great first step in that direction.

Open source voting equipment is not only more secure and transparent in its operation than the black box alternatives running secret, proprietary software offered by foreign-owned corporations like Dominion. It’s also about half the cost and also creates local jobs in states that would deploy it.

We are grateful to Congressman Gosar for his leadership on this issue and encourage his colleagues to pass this important legislation.

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