Jobs for #J6 & February Training Webinar

February Beginning Community Organizer Training Interactive Webinar

On Tuesday, February 28th, we will host another Community Organizer Training Webinar at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific.

Registration is limited to the first 100 people and as a supporter of our organization, we invite you to attend for only $5. Please schedule up to three hours; time varies depending on the number of participants. You must register in advance and attend the full webinar in order to earn the Community Organizer – Basic Certification.

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Sunday Movie Nights

Your best channel for movies? The LAA GUILDED SERVER!

Join us for Sunday movie nights, 5 PM P / 8 PM E.

February 19 • Free State of Jones

February 26 • America: Imagine The World Without Her

Guilded video tutorial

Jobs for #J6

Look Ahead America has advocated for the political prisoners of January 6th with rallies, candlelight vigils, and our Political Prisoner Podcast.

“Jobs for #J6” serves as a connection for employers able to employ those seeking work who’ve lost their livelihoods—not for what they have done but for what they believe.

If you are a Political Prisoner of #J6 or able to offer employment to one, please go to to join our movement to help them rebuild their lives.

In the News

No Soundbites Allowed

“We spoke to Ian Camacho of #LookAheadAmerica about his help with the making of the upcoming book #AmericanGulagChronicles. The focus of the book, and the discussion is the #J6 prisoners. Has anyone had charges dismissed? Is anyone trans and awaiting trial? How did the book get started? Most of all, will this affect America.”

Watch here: or

J6 Patriot News / The American Gulag Chronicles

“As we approach the second anniversary of January 6th, the need to bring TRUTH to the American public about what actually occurred on January 6th and what is happening to the Trump supporters who were present that day to have their voices “peacefully and patriotically” heard, is now of paramount importance to the American public.”

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