Georgia Voter Fraud Case Referred to Attorney General by State Board of Elections

At yesterday’s Georgia State Board of Elections, after hearing from Secretary of State investigators, the board voted anonymously to refer a case submitted by Look Ahead America to the Attorney General for Prosecution.

Matt Braynard who attended the hearing made the following statement:

While this illegal vote was cast in 2022, the evidence was discovered by our research division using the same methodology we used to discover thousands of illegally cast ballots in Georgia and elsewhere following the 2020 Election, and this decision is a validation of our broader work.

We have successfully removed illegal voters from the rolls in over thirty Georgia counties, but we have many remaining open cases with the Georgia Secretary of State. We encourage them to continue to investigate and prosecute these additional instances of illegal voting.

There is a lot of work to do, but Look Ahead America will not rest until our nation’s elections are secure and voter confidence in them is restored.


Download the PDF press release here. 

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