Thanks to LAA, Long Lines in Cherokee County for Sunday Voting

Cherokee County, GA – Long lines stretched around the block during Sunday voting hours in Cherokee County yesterday thanks to Look Ahead America’s success in establishing Sunday voting there earlier this year.

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

We set out a year ago to give rural, patriotic Georgians the same voting rights as urban progressive voters by pressuring county Board of Elections in the rural counties to allow Sunday voting just like it’s allowed in progressive counties.

One of our success stories was Cherokee County where we got county officials to agree to allow Sunday voting and where we’ve reached out to pastors and religious leaders to encourage their congregants to vote.

I was personally heartened to hundreds of voters lined up around the block in that county yesterday, and this should motivate all patriots in Georgia to demand these voting rights for themselves in all the rural counties of the state.

Read more about Look Ahead America’s Patriotic Souls to the Polls effort here:

View PDF of this press release here.