Look Ahead America’s Arizona Report Shrinks The Margin of Victory

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America (LAA) has released the long-awaited Arizona Report today. LAA’s previously released Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania Reports already put the outcome of the 2020 General Election into question beyond a reasonable doubt, and now the Arizona Report shrinks the margin of victory by nearly 3,000 ballots. These finds, all available to journalists and government entities upon request, should cause concern and help bring about reforms to how the voter rolls are reviewed and cleaned.

Matt Braynard, LAA’s Executive Director, made the following statement:

We are a small organization that depends on volunteers, and using only publicly available resources we were able to find nearly 3,000 illegal votes cast in Arizona. The question is how many illegally cast ballots could the Secretary of State or the Attorney General find with their access to the complete state voter file, drivers license databases, and other records? Would it surpass the margin of victory? Our discovery here is reason enough for these state agencies to step up and do their job.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

We submitted the 335 voters that we found illegally registered at post office boxes to Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office back in December 2021, but we got no response. Since he ignored us, we have submitted to the clerks of the affected Arizona counties, some of which confirmed our work on illegal registrations and double voters, which have led to investigations in Yuma and elsewhere. We are publishing their responses here. We want to make sure that the work that our volunteers did will ensure that the voter rolls are clean for the 2022 midterms.

From the report:

Not accounting for any illegal ballots in unexamined Tranches 3, 4, 5, and 6, we expect the number of illegal ballots to reflect the percentages we found in the first two tranches. Likely this number would come in around 2,928 ballots.

Whether using the likely projections or the bare minimum, which assumes everything that we did not examine or could not determine was legal, the alleged 10,457 ballot margin of victory shrinks to under 10,000, but more importantly points to evidence that reforms are needed.

To read the full details of the report, check it out at https://lookaheadamerica.org/AZReport.

View PDF of this press release here.