Look Ahead America Releases 151 Pages of Wisconsin Clerks’ Responses to Voter Data

Washington, DC – One year ago, Look Ahead America published The Wisconsin Report in which it confirmed that due to the number of questionable and illegal ballots in the state of Wisconsin, its 2020 General Elections results were unknowable.

We have since contacted each of the affected municipal clerks with all of our evidence, as well as the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). Instead of assisting, the WEC rejected our formal and well-documented complaint and instead sent its clerks guidelines that they could ignore our inquiries and reminded them how to make determinations in light of our evidence.

Nevertheless, several district attorneys are currently reviewing a number of cases with a few cases pending litigation. Additionally, the P.O. Box / nonresidential location registrations that we uncovered have been escalated to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles’ Fraud Unit.

From the report:

From what we have determined, it appears that nobody did their due diligence in the municipal clerks’ offices regarding these voters until we brought them to their attention. Additional investigation with calls and emails revealed they had assumed that the WEC had done so using their online registration forms and the proof of residency provided. Tracing it back further, the WEC based their approvals of proof of residency off of the DMV’s allowing these addresses for use as valid locations for driver’s licenses. Presumably, the voters appear to have hidden their PO Box locations under listings as “apartments”, “units”, and “suites.” They may have committed other types of fraud using these Wisconsin issued identifications, but we caught them using the voter rolls.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, added:

We need all Wisconsinites to assist us. Only they can file formal complaints against voters and clerks in their municipalities. We will get you the resources to help clean up the rolls and administrative stonewalling.

The ensuing compilation, which comes in at over 150 pages, reveals all responses and can be found here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

The Wisconsin Report appears here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wisconsinreport/.

View PDF of this press release here.