Arizona HB 2492 Gets Look Ahead America’s Second Ever A+ On Election Integrity

Washington, DC – Look Ahead America’s (LAA) Research Group reviewed 6 election integrity bills from of the state of Arizona’s House of Representatives: HB 2412, 2379, 2469, 2492, 2571 and HCR 2025.

While some bills were entirely ineffective, such as HB 2379 and HB 2469, and others were somewhat effective but didn’t cover our objectives like HB 2412 and 2571, ultimately LAA awarded HB 2492 its second A+ for election integrity.

From the report:

We award it our second ever A+ on election integrity as it perfectly encapsulates the criteria to verify and clean the voter rolls. We would be thrilled for it to pass into law; it would not only significantly improve election integrity, but also pave the way for other states to follow suit using this as an existing law for a template of their own. This more than makes up for Hoffman’s 3 bills that we previously had criticized.

Ian Camacho, Look Ahead America’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

It is apparent that this bill’s sponsors have carefully studied and used our second election integrity objective – Mandated and Public Voter List Hygiene – verbatim. I would like to credit the efforts of our hard-working staff at Look Ahead Arizona for getting state legislators to turn this major election integrity goal into a reality. Once it passes the State Senate, Arizona will be leading the nation in election reforms for the better. I am proud to be a part of this team effort and particularly would like to credit Julie Fisher and John Restuccia for their efforts in the Grand Canyon State.

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