Wisconsin Validates Look Ahead America’s Findings on Illegal Ballots, Rigged Election

Washington, DC – On March 1, 2022, the state of Wisconsin’s Office of Special Counsel released a report that validated LAA’s findings of illegal ballots and election rigging.

The OSC Report stated:

This was not the only abuse of the indefinitely confined voting law. A flagrant example is that of State Senator Patricia Schachtner […] and her husband signed statements indicating that they were indefinitely confined voters for the November 2020 election and opted to receive absentee ballots pursuant to Wis. Stat. 6.87(2). However, social media showed the Schachtner family to be active outside their home in the months prior to and during the election both for personal recreation and as Schachtner campaigned for reelection.

LAA’s Wisconsin Report documented 157,000 illegally cast ballots that abused the state’s indefinitely confined status. The OSC report goes on to validates the findings of LAA additional report, “Rigged: How Zuckerberg and the Left Bought and Election” that documented the Facebook founder and far left activists gave pro-Biden counties in Wisconsin unfair advantages over voters in the rest of the state.

In one notable case of illegal ballots being cast, State Representative Gary Hebl and his wife claimed indefinitely confined status for voting, yet their social media records show that they were out hiking, biking, and on speedboats, as well as holding large social gatherings without facemasks.

Director of Research Ian Camacho made the following statement:

The evidence is overwhelming that Wisconsin should never have certified its electors. The Office of Special Counsel reached the same conclusions that we did, and we hope that as a result they enact stricter protocols to protect every legal, law abiding Wisconsin resident’s sacred right to vote.

To read the details of The Wisconsin Report, go to https://lookaheadamerica.org/wisconsinreport/.

To read more on How Zuckerberg and the Left Bought an Election see https://lookaheadamerica.org/rigged.

View PDF of this press release here.