Look Ahead Urges Governor Youngkin to Reconsider Guidera Nomination

Today, Look Ahead America announced a request was submitted together with several other organizations to Virginia Governor Youngkin which urges the Governor to withdraw his Secretary of Education nomination Aimee Guidera.

Look Ahead America’s Virginia State Volunteer Coordinator Craig Stewart made the following statement:

We are calling on Governor Youngkin to withdraw his nomination of Guidera because of her roles in organizations such as Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship, DQC (her company until 2018), and her collaboration to advance “equity” with organizations like Urban Institute’s National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP), do not align with a pro-America agenda. The Governor should select someone who is better qualified to institute policy that will build our children up together and not divide them along the tenants of Critical Race Theory Praxis.

Fighting anti-American poison like Critical Race Theory in our public schools is important, but it isn’t enough. Even if CRT was defeated, another leftist, anti-American theology would replace it as the default educational framework in our public schools.

Virginians can join the fight for Look Ahead’s Pro-America School Board Resolution by contacting Craig Stewart, craig.stewart@patriot.lookaheadamerica.org.