Finally! Wisconsin Handles 2020’s Indefinitely Confined Abuses

Look Ahead America just completed its review of 2 bills recently proposed by 6 Wisconsin state Republican legislators aimed at cleaning up issues from the 2020 General Election.

The 6 legislators publicly announced 4 bills aimed at addressing the issues: LRB-5268, LRB-5269, LRB-5270 and LRB-4680. We found publicly available text for 2 of these bills: LRB-4680 & LRB-5269.

In short, LRB-5269 is a great bill that deals with indefinitely confined voters.

Look Ahead America’s Wisconsin Report showed that likely over 157,000 people illegally claimed this status in the 2020 General Election based on trends using open source data, which surpassed the margin of victory by a factor of nearly 8. Even using the most conservative possible calculations, the number of illegally cast ballots came in at around 24,000, still exceeding the margin of victory. Wisconsin’s state supreme court ruling agreed that many of those claiming IC status had done so illegally as COVID-19 was not a valid excuse, and the court wrote that individuals could be prosecuted with evidence in each instance.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, stated:

We love LRB-5269 because it addresses what we found overwhelmingly in our Wisconsin Report. Unfortunately, despite Wisconsin court’s rulings, we do not have the resources to track down and prosecute the tens of thousands of illegal voters or clerks even if we wanted to. Please do the next best thing and share our work or donate to help with future reports!

Regarding the other bill LRB-4680, it has a lot more issues. From the report:

The bill also allows for drop boxes, which is not a positive, but at least it removes them from public areas like parks, etc. and places them on municipal elections clerk properties. Ideally there would be total elimination of ballot drop boxes, but at least this is an improvement over the situation in the 2020 General Election. We suggest that legislators add a provision in which any indefinitely confined ballot received in one of these drop boxes automatically results in rejection and removes the voter from the list, as well as incurs penalties, as these are only allowed to be returned by mail according to the law and clearly indicates that the ballot was returned by someone not indefinitely confined.

Ideally legislators will read these notes and incorporate our suggestions to bring in more of our 6 integrity points as there are ample opportunities to do so within these bills.

Our report can be found at 

Our PDF of this press release appears here.