LAA Response to VA AG’s Cease & Desist, Prince William Registrar False Claims & Georgia Fraud Case

LAA Responds to False Claims, Misinformation from Prince William Registrar, Prince William Times

Recently a story was published in the Prince William Registrar regarding our project Virginia Voter Assistance (VVA) that includes false and misleading statements from Prince William County Registrar Eric Olsen as well as from the reporter who wrote the story, Cher Muzyk.

Virginia Voter Assistance’s efforts in Virginia are entirely truthful and within the law, and Registrar Olsen would make better use of his time helping voters cast their ballots rather than attempting to suppress our voter turnout effort with obviously false claims. Our attorneys are also preparing letters for the Registrar demanding a retraction and correction of these false claims.

The Press Release and response can be found at

LAA Response to Virginia Attorney General’s Cease and Desist Order

We believe we are within our rights and fulfilling a vital mission reminding our constituency that treasured rights and benefits are on the line each election and that not voting puts these rights and benefits at risk of loss.

As a result of our flyers and mailers, many elderly, disabled, and other disaffected Americans have reached out to us for help with exercising their right to vote.

The Press Release and response can be found at

Georgia Voter Fraud Case Referred to Attorney General by State Board of Elections

At the Georgia State Board of Elections meeting, after hearing from Secretary of State investigators, the board voted to refer a case submitted by Look Ahead America to the Attorney General for Prosecution. Read the Press Release here:

LAA In the News

Early Voting Starts Friday in Virginia Ahead of Big Election
Look Ahead America, led by executive director Matt Braynard, is a national organization pushing to increase voter registration and absentee voting. Look Ahead America’s primary focus is its voter turnout project for the 2023 Virginia General Assembly election, according to Braynard.

Look Ahead America investigates Arizona election irregularities
The right-leaning lobbying group Look Ahead America (LAA) has touted itself as the tip of the spear for investigating and reporting Arizona election irregularities. However, despite their claim of unequivocal evidence of fraud, they’ve once again been thwarted by Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes’s office.

Look Ahead America: Wisconsin Updates
Washington, D.C. – Look Ahead America (LAA) has successfully filed cases involving P.O. Box registrations and double voters with the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), despite its warnings about LAA and The Voter Integrity Project. One Wisconsin LAA volunteer has also successfully challenged 365 ineligible voters in Barron County as well.


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