Raffensperger’s Lies at J6 Hearing & 4 Cities with National Training Conferences Scheduled

Two Locations Added to our 2022 National Training Conferences!

  • Phoenix • August 12-14
  • Charlotte • August 26-28
  • Philadelphia • September 9-11
  • Denver • September 16-18

Sign up link: www.lookaheadamerica.org/ntc

Unlike Con Inc. events that are more about making money than helping the movement, there is no cost to attend, but we do ask you to attend training of 12 hours on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. The selected venues are extremely affordable and easily accessible from nearby airports.

Those who successfully complete the conference will receive LAA’s Intermediate Community Organizer Certification.

LAA responds to Raffensperger’s Lies at J6 Committee Hearing 

While testifying under oath, the Georgia Secretary of State again lied about the evidence that we presented both to him and to the public regarding election fraud in Georgia.

We presented thousands of cases of illegal ballots cast from his state. And just a few months after the election, Raffensperger used our same methodology to remove at least one-hundred thousand voters from their roles as ineligible to cast ballots.

Read the full press release: https://lookaheadamerica.org/raffresponse/.

The public version of LAA’s Georgia Report is available at https://www.LookAheadAmerica.org/GeorgiaReport and is also attached.

Beginning Community Organizer Training

Learn how you can join our nationwide team of patriots in America First endeavors!

We’ve scheduled our live interactive Community Organizer Training Webinar for Wednesday, July 6 at 6 PM Eastern / 3 PM Pacific. The link to join will be emailed that morning to the email address you enter on our signup form:  https://lookaheadamerica.org/trainingwebinar/.

LAA In The News…

“Pennsylvania Voter Rolls Are Cleaned Thanks to Look Ahead America”

“Look Ahead America, a nonprofit group run by former Trump campaign and administration officials, has alerted 63 counties in Pennsylvania regarding their questionable voter rolls, but has yet to hear back from 33 of them, with some responses being hostile.”

“Matt Braynard – The executive director of Look Ahead America is back with an update on the J6 political prisoners and the latest on the January 6th committee hearings.”
https://billmartinezshow.com/category/podcast/page/5/ (2022.06.20)

“Letters with offensive sentiments are being sent from individuals posing as the right-wing training group ‘Look Ahead America’ – an organisation which has championed fights for election integrity and against the political persecution of January 6th protesters.”



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