LAA’s Braynard responds to Raffensperger’s Lies at J6 Committee Hearing

Washington, DC – In response to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s testimony yesterday before the House’s fake January 6th Committee hearings, Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

While testifying under oath, the Georgia Secretary of State again lied about the evidence that we presented both to him and to the public regarding election fraud in Georgia.

We presented thousands of cases of illegal ballots cast from his state. And just a few months after the election, Raffensperger used our same methodology to remove at least one-hundred thousand voters from their roles as ineligible to cast ballots.

Just as he lied when he told President Trump that we had given him a list of voters we alleged were dead (we never made the claim that votes were cast in the name of dead voters), he has again lied about the evidence presented to him, the governor, and the attorney general.

I encourage any and all law enforcement agencies at the federal or Georgia state level to investigate Raffensperger for committing perjury.

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View PDF of this press release here.