LAA Relaunched and Fighting Corporate Censorship (VIDEO)

Today, Look Ahead America’s Executive Director and Founder Matt Braynard made the following video announcement (text below):

Today, January Twentieth, 2021 is a day of great importance for our nation….

Because today is the day we are relaunching Look Ahead America, an America First platform for registering, educating, and turning out to vote disaffected, patriotic Americans, and fighting for America First causes.

I first started this organization four years ago with the help of over thirty former Trump campaign staffers. Unfortunately, I was never able to raise the funds necessary to hire staff, deploy field offices, and engage in the kind of community organizing the right so desperately needs.

I pitched this organization to some of the biggest and best-known donors and voices on the right, many of them with names you would recognize. But all of them blew me off because they didn’t understand the importance of our mission and the need for an operation like this to counter the hundreds of millions of dollars being given to progressive non-profits by globalists and tech billionaires.

I became so discouraged that I almost gave up on the organization and let or c3 status lapse.

However, during my leadership of the Voter Integrity Project, I learned something: I was looking to the wrong people for help. It wasn’t billionaires or millionaires whom I needed to connect with, it was you.

You who were among the nearly 9000 donors who stepped forward to help fund the investigation into the 2020 election.

You who took a chance on my team and supported us every day with encouragement and prayers.

And because of you, I’ve regained the belief that Look Ahead America can succeed, and there’s never been a time where it has been more necessary.

While I believe, and in fact I proved, that illegal ballots had an impact on the election, what had an even bigger impact were the millions of new progressive voters that were registered by left-wing nonprofits funded by tech oligarchs.

Look Ahead will counter that, first by deploying field staff across Virginia and Pennsylvania this year to register disaffected, Patriotic Americans, educate them on the issues that are impacting their lives, and turn them out to vote. We will grow our operations across the country over the next few years with the goal of being operational in all fifty states by 2024.

But that’s not all we’re doing.

We’re also launching Patriot Actions to train and supports citizens lobbying their state legislatures and local governments on issues that matter.

One of the most important issues for reform is election integrity, and over the next month we will be taking suggestions from you and working with experts in the field to develop the policy objectives we need to pass in our statehouses. We look forward to rolling out our Patriot Action on Voting Integrity Reform in February.

But the patriot action we are launching today is our Free Speech States initiative. This is the best way for you to fight corporate censorship, deplatforming, and employment discrimination against legal speech and constitutionally protected political activity.

The premise is simple: private corporations are entitled to do what they want on their platforms, but they aren’t entitled to enrich themselves with tax dollars paid by the people whom they are denying the exercise of free speech, political activity, and gainful employment.

The remedy is state level legislation that prevents the state or subordinate government within the state – counties, cities, et cetera – from spending money marketing on social networks that censor free speech, or contracting with technology platforms that deplatform political opponents.

This legislation would stop the state from conducting transactions through financial institutions that blacklist those with ideas they disagree with or who run legal businesses like firearms manufacturers, and it would bar any company that does business with the state from firing someone for political activities they engage in on their own time.

Finally, this legislation would compel states to divest any kind of pensions or rainy day funds from any company that engages in anti-free speech behavior.

We have Right to Work States, we have Shall Issue Concealed Permit States; together we can create Free Speech States.
The more states that become Free Speech States, the harder it will be for social media networks, technology companies, and globalist banks to ignore. And there will be one of two outcomes:

Either these companies will agree to respect legal speech and political activities, or they will forgo billions in government business – contracts that will instead go to new companies that embrace the first amendment just as surely as those ether companies embrace profit motive and wokeness. This revenue may in fact be the seed money needed to create an entire social, technical, and financial ecosystem that will eclipse the old order where Silicon Valley gets to decide what’s appropriate for you to say and what gets you unpersoned.

This is your chance to do something. And I’m not giving you any excuse not to step up. If you have no idea how to lobby you state legislature, I’ll teach you – for free. On Wednesday the 27th, from 7 PM to 10 PM we’ll have the first of many live online training sessions. Just register in advance on our website, I’ll also put you in contact with others in your state so you can work together towards our common goal.

When so many of you contributed to me, a complete stranger, to fund the Voter Integrity Project, I did everything I could to earn your trust. I conducted the research I said I would, I accounted for every penny of spending, and I didn’t take a nickel of it for myself. I am forever grateful for what we did together, and I want you to know that research has a home and will continue at Look Ahead America.

But I again need to ask for your help:

Please make a tax deductible contribution today at to help us fund our programs. As with the VIP, every penny will be accounted for.

Please help us lobby your state legislature to enact reforms on corporate censorship and election integrity.

Please visit out volunteer page and tell us how else you may help. And, please, keep our organization in your prayers.

I know that today will be hard on many of us, but I hope I’ve given you cause for optimism, and we’re just getting started.
Thank you for your time.

America First. America Forever.