Look Ahead America Finds Huge Discrepancies in Pennsylvania’s Official Election Records

Washington, D.C. – After comparing data on the state of Pennsylvania official website for election results against the official county election results, Look Ahead America (LAA) found a number of glaring discrepancies in these records. In several state races these surpassed the margins of victory and margins of recounts.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, made a formal statement:

We have reached out to the State Open Data Officer twice for an explanation, and have not heard anything back. Why has the Department of State had these records for years and yet its officers don’t know (or won’t explain) a single one of these discrepancies?

Our goal was not to overturn any prior elections, but rather to investigate and understand the data to provide clarity and increased transparency for the general public. We did not expect the state’s official data to conflict with county sources, especially when considering that the state gets its material from the counties. This raises serious questions about the integrity and accuracy of PA election records. Worse, it raises questions about state and local races where the differences in the records surpassed the margin of victory or recount.

We hope that the counties and state seriously consider our three recommendations to improve data transparency in the report.

The 17-page report can be found at https://LookAheadAmerica.org/PADataConflicts/


A downloadable PDF of this press release can be obtained at this link: LAA_PR_PA_County_V_State_Data_Final.