LAA Releases Exclusive Presidential Answers to the J6 Question

Today, coinciding with the Iowa Caucus, Look Ahead America (LAA) is proud to release an exclusive video compilation featuring responses from all Republican presidential candidates.

LAA’s Executive Director made the following statement:

We are proud of our volunteers for collecting these videos, and we’re proud of the many activists who have helped us put this issue front-and-center before the electorate and the candidates.

Although the candidates’ responses to the J6 Question vary, each one displays sympathy towards the nonviolent patriots who have faced scrutiny from the DOJ and the FBI.

This would not have been possible without the courage of thousands of Americans who joined their voices together on behalf of the Justice for J6 movement. Across over seventy rallies, vigils, and protests led by LAA and others over the past three years, countless letters, phone calls, and conversations, we’ve moved the needle.

Our movement will not be ignored and we know that one day, this country will deliver justice to the victims of this persecution.

We encourage patriots everywhere to share this video with their fellow Americans, especially those in early primary states, so that voters can be informed of where the candidates stand on the most important civil rights cause of our time.