Look Ahead America Reveals Continued Human Rights Violations of J6 Political Prisoners Held in the DC Prison

Washington DC — Look Ahead America reveals continued human rights violations and inhumane treatment of J6 political prisoners held in the DC prison.

Matt Braynard made the following statement:

New revelations from the family of Jacob Lang, January 6 political prisoner, prove that we must continue to expose the unethical and harsh prison conditions at the hands of the Warden of the DC prison, Wanda Patten, and Director of the DC Department of Corrections, Quincy Booth.

According to the Lang family, Jacob has yet to have a haircut or shave. He continues to be held in solitary confinement. He was placed in “the hole” for asking for a Bible study. His food rations have been cut in half with no fruits or vegetables in his diet and a caloric intake of 500 calories. Prisoners have been subjected to beatings from the prison guards and Jacob was punched in the ribs and maced by guards for singing the National Anthem. Following one of our recent Justice for J6 rallies, these political prisoners were awakened during the night, marched through the jail carrying their mattresses, and taken to the basement where they were confined with no access to a bathroom or water.

We are calling on elected officials to demand access to the prisoners to document their mistreatment and for them to be given appropriate bail.

To learn more details about the status of the J6 political prisoners, check out our comprehensive database at https://j6.lookaheadamerica.org/j6/.

You may also listen to our interviews with some of these prisoners and hear their stories firsthand on our podcast “The Political Prisoner” at https://anchor.fm/politicalprisoner.

View PDF of this press release here.