Look Ahead America Debunks Georgia’s Indictment Claim Against Trump

Read a PDF version of this press release here. 

Washington, D.C. – On Monday night, the state of Georgia filed a criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump and others for knowingly making the “false claim” that “at least 1,043 people voted in the November 3, 2020, presidential election in Georgia who had illegally registered to vote using a post office box.” This was asserted on pages 26, 49, 73, and 86 of the indictment.

Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

The indictment is wrong; this is not a false claim. Look Ahead America’s Voter Integrity Project originated this analysis and we ultimately publicly documented that not only 1,043 but 1,401 voters were illegally registered at post office boxes, etc. and cast ballots in the 2020 General Election.

Further, the Georgia Secretary of State and the State Election Board have open investigations into 24 of these voters, and 22 counties in Georgia have removed voters from rolls after we brought these registrations to their attention. Rockdale County alone removed 43 of these illegal registrations.

Today we are sending a copy of the unredacted list of P.O. Box and other non-residential registration addresses to the prosecutor and we will make it available to the attorney of any defendant who requests it.

We have made a public version available with personal voter information redacted at https://LookAheadAmerica.org/Boxes.

LAA’s Georgia report documenting the number of illegal ballots surpassing the margin of victory, including our PO Box analysis, can be found here: https://LookAheadAmerica.org/Georgia.

Documentation on the voters removed at the county level in Georgia can be found at https://lookaheadamerica.org/gaclerks/ and https://lookaheadamerica.org/azgawi/. The case numbers related to the state of Georgia’s own investigations are SEB2022-116 and SEB2022-155.

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