LAA’s Braynard Statement on Discord Server Shutdown, Defamation Lawsuit

Washington DC – Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement in an email to supporters this weekend regarding Discord’s slanderous defamation of LAA.

As you may have heard, our Discord server was shut down.

This is unfortunate because it had been a thriving online community of thousands of America First conservatives as well as international supporters. We had a book club, movie nights, a forum for job seekers, and discussions about everything from video games to arts and crafts to recipes.

We never violated any Discord rules. However, as a woke corporation in San Francisco, they didn’t really need a reason to shut us down.

However, in the process of shutting us down they sent an email to every registered user on our server telling them that we had engaged in making fraudulent claims about elections, attempted to suppress voters, and tried to prevent elections from occurring. I’ve attached the message they sent out.

We believe this email blasted out to the whole world was false and defamatory, and we’ve taken the first steps of legal action against Discord, Inc., by retaining the same firm that helped us with our response to Dominion Voting Equipment’s scare letters, Dhillon Law headed by Harmeet Dhillon.

The initial phase of this process involves research into the likelihood of success which has a price tag of $10,000. IF you’d like to help us fund this first step, please contribute at

You can also mail a check to:

Look Ahead America, 722 12th Street NW, Suite 538, Washington DC 20005.

In the meantime, we have started a Guilded server which seems more tolerant of dissident political viewpoints. You can find it here:

Yet Guilded is still hosted by a corporation that may be hostile. Our long-term goal is to build an online community using a self-hosted solution. If you have a platform to recommend, please send an email to our research director, Ian Camacho at

Thank you for your support.

America First, America Forever.

Matt Braynard

Executive Director

Look Ahead America

Visit PDF of this press release here.