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Voter Registration Webinar with Matt Braynard

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Anti-Corporate Censorship Webinar with Matt Braynard

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LAA Announces Election Integrity Webinar with Matt Braynard

Look Ahead America announced today that Executive Director Matt Braynard will conduct a live webinar on election integrity on Monday, March 14, 2022 at 7 PM EST.


The 2020 General Election exposed many flaws and raised doubts about the way states conducted their elections. This has the dangerous impact of undermining the public’s confidence in future election outcomes. Look Ahead America’s state policy objectives are intended to eliminate these flaws and restore faith in our electoral system.


To obtain the link to participate, please visit

LAA’s Voter Integrity Project Releases Revised GA Report

We received helpful feedback from many of the organizations with whom we shared our unredacted data. Thanks to their help, we’ve made the following improvements to the report.

Find the new report in a downloadable PDF here.

The GA Report Revision A

Here are some of the key changes:

• We discovered that we under-reported in Tranche One by additional 345 illegal registrations, boosting the illegal votes in the margin of victory from 1,056 to 1,401, or up from 9% to 12%.

• We also added subdivisions and severity rankings of all the items in Tranche One in anticipation of counter arguments that these were transposed Mailing Addresses.

• We reviewed three of our challenged examples that we coded as illegally cast vote determinations. We provided additional data in Appendix A to show that these voters definitely lived out of state and did not qualify as absentee voters.

• The 2015 study that we cited and GA SOS Raffensperger’s recent removal of over 100,000 supposedly inactive voters using the NCOA validates our methodology. While the 2017 article we also cited for OOSSR does not mention NCOA, it actually fortifies our NCOA claims and methodology.

• We corrected MOE downward in Tranches Two and Three per a previous miscalculation.

• We reviewed some previously undetermined cases in Tranche Two. We determined that another twelve were illegally cast ballots, while determining three of them were legal.

• Upon reviewing our data that we collected, we believe that we actually underreported our findings. Since The Georgia Report only presented three of the six types of illegal votes being considered, it was more likely that the report understated the number of illegal votes in Georgia because our study was incomplete.


LAA Voter Integrity Project: 157,229+ Illegal Ballots Cast in Wisconsin

Washington DC – Today, Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following announcement:

Today we are releasing our final Wisconsin Report demonstrating that the number of illegal ballots is – at a minimum – over 157,000. This is about eight times the 20,000 vote margin of victory in the presidential election.

This report is the product of the Voter Integrity Project (“VIP”), part of Look Ahead America’s Research Group. It builds on and supplements the initial analysis conducted by the VIP late last year and establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of Wisconsin is unknowable.

We invite everyone to review the public version of the report at We will also make the unredacted version with all of our supporting data available to journalists and academics who request access.

This report is the result of countless hours of work by our research volunteers under the leadership of our Research Director, Ian Camacho. For their help, I am truly grateful. I’m also grateful to the many donors to this project that funded the extraordinary data acquisition and processing costs.

To support LAA’s efforts, please contribute at or volunteer at

View PDF of this press release here.


Download PDF of this report here.


Volunteer for LAA at CPAC Texas 2021

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CPAC runs from July 9 through July 11 and takes place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

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LAA Announces Look Ahead Arizona: $2 Million Patriotic Voter Registration Drive

Scottsdale, AZ – Today, Look Ahead America marks the launch of Look Ahead Arizona (LAAZ), an intensive voter registration and community organizing effort in the Canyon State.

The field program has a budget of $2 million and will register, educate, and turnout to vote disaffected, patriotic Americans of rural and blue-collar backgrounds. The program will deploy twenty-five full-time field staffers and hundreds of volunteers throughout the state, and includes teams dedicated to helping First Nation, Black, and Latino communities register to vote.

The effort is made possible thanks to a generous contribution from Arizona entrepreneur and military veteran Jim Lamon.

Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard released the following statement:

“The progressive left’s dominance of voter registration in this country ends today. LAAZ will reach the lost demographic of America First patriots who have been ignored by our nation’s political institutions that hold them in disdain. Our #1 job is to make sure these American voices are heard by getting them engaged in the political process. I especially want to thank Jim Lamon for his support of this project. His wisdom in understanding the need to invest in the participation of the democratic process among our fellow Americans, those that have suffered the most at the hands of the country’s political elites, sets an example we hope other donors follow in their states.”

Jim Lamon also made the following statement:

“While I have been blessed to build an incredibly successful businesses that employs thousands of Americans here in Arizona and around the country, I haven’t forgotten where I came from. I grew up working on a small family farm and relied on an ROTC scholarship to go to college before serving in the Army. These new voters we are going to register and turnout to vote – I know them. I grew up with them, went to church with them, and was raised by them to become the man I am today. They are my fellow countrymen and my family. Their struggles were once my struggles. We will not allow these patriots to continue to be ignored by our nation’s ruling establishment that has put corporate, globalists, and special interests ahead them. Look Ahead Arizona will fight to make the American Dream their dream again, and I am honored to have the opportunity to make this happen.”

To join the fight, visit to learn more about volunteering or donation opportunities.


Look Ahead America is an America First 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to standing up for patriotic Americans who have been forgotten by our government. That means deploying our R.E.T. (Register, Educate, Turnout to Vote) field programs across the country. It means leading Patriot Actions and training citizens to lobby their state and local governments for America First causes. And it means ensuring voter integrity by investigating cases of illegal ballots and advocating for election reform to prevent them from being cast in the first place.


Jim is a U.S. Army veteran, family man, Christian, Arizona businessman and job creator. He received a Regular Office Commission in the U.S. Army where he served as an Airborne Engineer officer. He achieved the rank of Captain while earning two Meritorious Service medals. In the private sector, he rose from field engineer to president of the country’s second largest construction company before starting his own solar company with a current valuation of $1 billion. His firm is committed to the principle of “Buy American” and 75% of their purchases are from domestic suppliers. The firm prioritizes hiring veterans which make up 20% of its workforce (compared to 6% of the nation’s workforce) and since its founding, contributes a percentage of its net income to charity, totaling $10 million in contributions through 2021.

View PDF of this press release here.



ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Today, Look Ahead America is declaring total victory at CPAC 2021 for the following reasons:

• By far the most diverse and abundant candy selection at the conference.

• According to the conference’s technical team, LAA drew more visitors to their booth than any other exhibitor.

• More photos (by far!) were taken at the LAA booth than any other exhibit thanks to our Surfer Trump statue that was loaned to us at no cost by artist Tommy Zegan.

• Our Surfer Trump statue broke the internet and sent leftist and the mainstream media into a meltdown.

• Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard did media hits at nearly every show on radio row.

• LAA Uncancelled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and she gave the best speech of CPAC to a packed room despite the CPAC app’s event description mysteriously deleting mention of her attendance the day of the event.

• LAA was the only CPAC sponsor to reach out to dissident conservatives by also exhibiting at America First PAC.

• LAA had the most energetic team working the booth and spreading the word about our organization throughout the conference. Our red T-shirted activists were everywhere.

LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard responded with the following statement: “This was our first conference we’ve ever attended and we’re grateful to our support, volunteers, and donors who helped us win CPAC this year. We look forward to returning next year with an even bigger presence and going 2 and 0.”

View PDF of this press release here.