Arizona AG Mayes Ignores 69 Double Voters Submitted by Look Ahead America

Washington, D.C. – Look Ahead America (LAA) has submitted 69 double voter cases to the Arizona Attorney General (AZ AG) Kris Mayes’ Office. Most cast ballots in the 2020 and 2022 General Elections, although one appears to have voted in three states in every election since 2016.

Nevertheless, the AZ AG’s office has dismissed all cases without considering the evidence.

From the rejection letter:

Based on a review of this information provided to our office, it has been determined that this office will not initiate a criminal investigation in this matter.

This is since we are no longer reviewing these complaints based on historical elements and the unlikelihood of any potential prosecution after the length of time has passed.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research responded:

If AG Mayes’ goons believe that they cannot successfully prosecute using the evidence that we sent – in which other states have used to open cases into some of these individuals – then they should resign and get someone qualified instead.

Double voting is a Class 5 felony under three state different statutes with a seven-year statute of limitations, so this response does not even make sense. Furthermore, the clock has stopped for those that moved out of Arizona, meaning AZ can prosecute far beyond November 2023 even in the oldest cases.

We will refile after six months as state law permits. We will also file another six dozen that we have since found so that they are part of the official public record. We will also make complaint numbers available to the public. We ask that they contact the AG’s office and demand to know why they aren’t prosecuting crimes.

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