Look Ahead America Releases Anti-Corporate Censorship Model Legislation

Washington, DC – Today, the Research Group at Look Ahead America (LAA) released model legislation to fight corporate censorship at the state level.

The goal of the model legislation is to prevent businesses that censor legal speech or deplatform those who are engaged in legal businesses from benefiting from government contracts.

Matt Braynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, made the following statement:

Social media networks, technology companies, and financial institutions are increasingly serving as agents of Cultural Marxism by censoring and deplatforming patriots engaged in legal speech.

While they are free to do that, they are not entitled to enrich themselves with government business and contracts funded by same taxpayers they are unpersoning. This model legislation will force these corporations to make a choice: either stop censoring legal speech and deplatforming legal businesses or no more government business.

In the event corporations decide to forgo government contracts in order to continue censoring legal speech, it will create opportunities for new startups that do not censor and deplatform to pursue those contracts. By deciding to censor patriotic Americans, these corporations will create a funding source for new competitors to enter the market and eat their lunch.

Ian Camacho, Look Ahead America’s Director of Research, stated:

Corporate apologists use the refrain, “they’re a private company, they can do whatever they want.” These corporations play both sides claiming to be both a private publisher and neutral platform, all the while taking taxpayer dollars. It’s time that we held them accountable and make them feel pain for abusing the system. It is my hope that the citizens of every state get their legislators onboard to restrict these out of control companies that are censoring patriotic Americans.

To read the full details of the bill, check out our project page on fighting corporate censorship at https://lookaheadamerica.org/speech/.

View PDF of this press release here.