LAA Wisconsin Volunteers’ Complaints Net Six WEC Referrals for Prosecution

Washington, D.C. – The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) will refer six voters registered at P.O. Boxes to the Dane, Kenosha, Marinette, and Waukesha County District Attorneys for prosecution based on complaints from three Look Ahead America (LAA) Wisconsin volunteers.

LAA notified municipal clerks of thousands of potentially illegal voters after publishing The Wisconsin Report. Shortly after, Meagan Wolfe, WEC Administrator, issued the clerks warnings not to take advice nor answer questions from LAA, resulting in many remaining on the rolls. LAA then requested assistance from its Wisconsin volunteers in the affected counties to file formal complaints on these ineligible voters as required by state law. Nearly all complaints were immediately rejected with threats of $500 fines for filing “potentially frivolous claims.”

Notably, after the Wisconsin House of Representatives referred Wolfe for articles of impeachment last week, the board unanimously approved LAA-based complaints.

Ian Camacho, Director of Research, made the following comment:

Given WEC’s past hostility to LAA and our volunteers, and now Wolfe’s possible removal, it’s obvious WEC is trying to save face, however we’ll take the victory and vindication. We appreciate all our volunteers who helped with the Wisconsin Report and filed the complaints. We couldn’t do it without your persistence.

LAA will provide copies for the media upon request to avoid potentially affecting case outcomes.

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