Lackawanna County Downplays Double Voting Evidence from Look Ahead America

Washington, D.C. – Lackawanna County, dismissed Look Ahead America’s (LAA) clear evidence of a double voter in the 2022 General Election.

The District Attorney Detective Joe Blazosek confirmed that the voter admitted to having cast a ballot in Florida for the 2022 General Election, and that the voter had signed the Pennsylvania voter’s declaration on the secrecy ballot envelope and mailed it in, but because the ballot had been separated from the envelope once received the DA’s office could not show probable cause as they could not prove that the voter had cast a ballot.

This is not the first time LAA found that District Attorneys have refused to prosecute cases, despite evidence and confirmation from other sources; Yuma County, Arizona has over 16 cases.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research stated:

Is it any surprise that The Office took place in Scranton, PA, located in Lackawanna County? Or that it is President Biden’s hometown? Apparently, it is ground zero for incompetence.

Their Detectives and District Attorney just took the word of the accused voter when questioned, despite all artifacts and evidence staring them in the face, and the fact that the voter attested to mailing in a ballot and got credit for voting.

Effectively they are saying that voter fraud by mail can never be punished using this logic, despite the fact that undervotes and protest votes still count as ballots, or the fact that the voter signed the ballot, confirming that he is a “voter.”

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