Limited Review Finds 3,496 Likely Illegal Ballots Cast in Georgia’s General Election

Atlanta, GA – Following up on Look Ahead America’s recent analysis revealing over 289,914 likely illegal voters on the Peach State’s voter rolls, a limited analysis shows that 3,496 ballots were cast in their names in the November General Election.

This analysis was limited to voters who moved out of state within the last three years, which is the limit of the US Postal Services’ National Change of Address lookup. Excluded from this were any ballots that were sent to military bases.

Our earlier audit of voter rolls confirmed that 80% of voters who matched to the NCOA database were no longer legal residents and no longer eligible to vote.

LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

Despite removing 100,000 NCOA matches using this method a year ago, Georgia’s Secretary of State has allowed nearly 300,000 of these likely illegal voters to remain on their rolls and at least 3,500 cast ballots that could have an impact on the outcome of elections. This number is likely several times higher given that we were unable to detect illegal ballots from those who filed permanent moves more than three years ago.

Despite our disappointment in how the state has failed to protect the integrity of the elections, we are still providing this raw data to the Secretary of State’s office and the Attorney General. It’s now up to the voters in Georgia to demand a higher standard from their government officials.

LAA clarifies that while an illegal ballot may have been cast in someone’s name, it does not mean that individual necessarily cast the ballot. While LAA cannot make the data publicly available due to privacy/doxing concerns, we will review it with journalists and other interested parties.

View PDF of this press release here.