LAA Responds to Colorado Recount Discrepancies Regarding Black Box Voting

Washington, DC – In response to discrepancies and other technical issues raised during the recount following the Colorado Primary, Look Ahead Executive Director Matt Braynard made the following statement:

The challenges of the recall and the trust of the public both have a common root: the use of black box voting equipment from Dominion Voting Systems.

There is no transparency or accountability with voting and tabulation machines that rely on secret, proprietary software and hardware designs. Black box devices are especially susceptible to hacking, human error, and software bugs. Neither the public nor the government has any recourse to investigate when issues arise.

The solution is clear: state and counties must switch to open-source voting solutions wherever schematic and line of code is available for review by the public. This will not only increase the reliability of our election outcomes but increase public confidence and reduce costs.

Look Ahead America’s white paper on black box voting can be found at

View PDF of this press release here.