Arkansas Makes Progress on Election Integrity with Permanent Investigative Unit

Washington, D.C. – Last week, the Arkansas State House and Senate passed HB 1513, which creates a permanent Election Integrity Unit (EIU) within the Attorney General’s office. Now the bill awaits Governor Sarah Huckabee Sander’s signature. This accomplishes one of Look Ahead America’s (LAA) six public policy objectives designed to improve voter confidence in elections.

Ian Camacho, LAA’s Director of Research, made the following statement:

We applaud the Arkansas legislature’s actions creating a permanent, standing office that will make investigating voter fraud incidences a priority. We especially thank Representative Austin McCollum and Senator Jim Petty for their leadership on this bill.

In too many other cases of apparent voter fraud that we’ve found around the country, we are told that investigations into these potential crimes is a third-tier priorities. By creating a dedicated unit within the Attorney General’s office, this will no longer be the case in Arkansas. Not only will this result in real investigations into potential fraud, it will also serve as a deterrent to anyone considering actions that will disenfranchise Arkansas voters.

We believe this will also encourage other states to follow Arkansas’ lead to help secure the voting process and restore the confidence of Americans in election results.

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